• September 22nd-25th, 2021
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  • September 22nd-25th, 2021
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Mexico Aerospace Fair

The Mexico Aerospace Fair, is an event organized by the Secretariat of National Defense through the Mexican Air Force, began in 2015, emerging as an initiative to promote Mexico in the Economic Development in the national aeronautical sector, granting the leadership of the project to the Organizing Committee; responsible for the planning, organization and realization of the event.

Its mission is to establish in Mexico a sustainable international aerospace fair, with prestige and leadership, that generates the attraction of Foreign Direct Investment, jobs in the national aeronautical community, that promotes Mexico's aerospace industry, the civil and military aviation, technology and defense products, being its headquarters at the Military Air Base No. 1 (Santa Lucia, State of Mexico).

During the 1st edition (FAMEX-2015) with the participation of the main 240 aeronautical companies from 16 countries around the world, 32 aircraft on display, 3,500 business meetings, with an attendance of around 32,000 visitors from the sector, it became the main aeronautical event in Mexico.

During the 2nd edition (FAMEX-2017) with the participation of 505 aeronautical companies from 35 countries around the world, 48 aircraft on display, 4,600 business meetings, with an attendance of around 45,000 visitors from the sector; it became the second most important Fair in Latin America.

During the 3rd edition (FAMEX-2019) with the participation of 635 leading companies in the aerospace sector from 39 countries, 61 aircraft on display, 5,800 business meetings, an attendance of 52,000 specialized visitors from the sector; it became the most important Fair in Latin America, having Canada as Partner Country.

The FAMEX is organized by the Mexican Armed Forces (SEDENA) and has activities that make it unique such as: the Foreign Investment Seminar, Aerospace Education Forum, Technical Conferences, Aerospace Summit, Migration to the Aeronautical Industry, Air Safety Meeting, Business Meeting of the Aeronautical Industry of Mexico, Chancellors Summit and Congress of Women Leaders of Society and the Aerospace Sector, B2B meetings, as well as aircraft demonstration flights and static exhibition.

Why Queretaro?

By changing headquarters to Queretaro International Airport, we begin a new trajectory for FAMEX-2021. This Federal Entity maintains a constant growth in the aeronautical industry, generating links with the educational and research centers, resulting in an important attraction of Foreign Direct Investment, turning Querétaro into the 4th destination of aeronautical investment projects in the world, incorporating companies into the supply chain and hiring of Mexican labor.

Querétaro has represented high levels of global notoriety in the aerospace industry since 10 years ago; currently the State congregates 85 companies specialized in the sector, highlighting multinational industries such as AIRBUS, SAFRAN, BOMBARDIER, AERNNOVA and GENERAL ELECTRIC, in addition to having 12 research and design centers, as well as educational institutions with careers related to the aerospace industry from which the human resources that are necessary to sustain manufacturing, design, and maintenance operations graduate.

The Ambassador of the United States of America in Mexico, Christopher Landau stated that USA will be a PArtner Country for FAMEX 2021, thus being the leading world power in aeronautics and covering 49% of the global aerospace industry and being Mexico the 12th global producer and the 6th supplier of that country; will project this fair to be a successful event.

FAMEX is recognized among others by the United States Department of Defense (DoD) as one of the most attractive events due to the synergy in the aerospace sector; the DoD has participated in the FAMEX 2017 and 2019 editions, with more than 40 leading companies in this industry, in addition, the United States Air Force was present in FAMEX-2019 with various aircraft on display.

With this event, the Secretariat of National Defense consolidates its leadership by promoting the economic development of Mexico, generating jobs and promoting Foreign Direct Investment, displaying its Armed Forces personnel the vocation for serving Mexico; considering the Secretariat of Economy (SE) in Pro Air 2.0 that FAMEX is a support to the Federal Government and to the Public Sector and in its Strategic Program estimates that by 2024, Mexico will be the tenth world power in this sector and will export 12.3 billion dollars. In this way, FAMEX becomes the main catalyst of the Aerospace industry in our country, becoming the Fourth Propeller (Government, Industry, Education, and Promotion) and exalting the Mexican human capacity with highly professional engineers, having more than 40 trade agreements, facilitating investment and a geostrategic position, making it one of the world's leading centers in the aerospace sector, leader in advanced high-tech manufacturing in every phase of the industry, from design, engineering, and assembly to reconversion, maintenance, and recycling.

For all of the above, you are invited to participate in FAMEX-2021, an ideal scenario for the leading producers, suppliers, and scholars of the aerospace sector, that will allow them to present their technologies and innovations in their aerospace products and projects, by showing the world how big and important Mexico is in terms of industry, capabilities of its population, and facilities for investment in the country.



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