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April 26 to 29, 2017
Faltán exactamente para la reunión
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To make it safe and enjoyable your visit to the air show, please keep in mind the following tips and guidelines.

For your comfort and leisure:

  • Take enough fluids to stay hydrated.
  • Recommended use of hat or cap, exposure to direct sunlight especially affects minors.
  • Use sunscreen even on cloudy or foggy day.
  • In aereonaves demonstrations that generate big noise, recommended the use of hearing protectors.
  • Note the location of parking your car.
  • Use the maps and graphics through the exhibition area for your best orientation and position.
  • Use public transportation within the airbase.
  • Consider a meeting point and time with your family in case you get separated during the event.
  • Please deposit garbage in the containers.
  • Ask the organizer staff
  • You can take pictures and videos.
  • Locate the stands designated for the sale of souvenirs.
  • Visit the Military Aviation Museum in Hall “D”.

For your safety:

  • Do not bring valuables, jewelry and do not forget to lock your car well.
  • Report any suspicious action security personnel, police and military who are nearby.
  • “No Touching” aircraft and equipment on display that is not allowed.
  • Prohibited the entry of weapons, drugs, flammable items, and any kind of pet.

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