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April 24 to 27, 2019
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Why Mexico?

Mexico is one of the most competitive countries in productive investment, thanks to its macroeconomic and political stability, low inflation, strength and size of its domestic market, economic growth rate and ability to achieve advanced manufacturing.

It is one of the largest and most open economies in the world; its young people with their talent and ability keeps him as a leader in advanced high-tech manufacturing, estimating as the next Global Logistics Center of High Added Value. Thanks to its structural reforms is a reliable and attractive place to invest and increase productivity destiny.

Its geostrategic location in the northern hemisphere coasts to the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and border with U.S.A. , makes Mexico a key to compete in Europe, Asia and the North America region country.

Mexico has become one of the main centers of the aeronautical sector in Latin America and the world leader in every phase of manufacturing industry from design, engineering and assembly to conversion, maintenance and recycling.

It is the sixth largest supplier of US aeronautical products (US Department of Commerce, 2012). Has the largest four fleets of private jets of the world (Aviation Week, 2013). Every two minutes a plane takes off with Mexican technology (ProMéxico, 2012).

In Mexico most of the turbines of the largest plane in the world are design, the Airbus 380 (Ministry of Economy, 2012). General Electric, the world’s largest aircraft engine and its largest research and design producer outside the US, is in Queretaro, Mexico.

According to the Ministry of Economy (SE), the average annual growth rate of Aerospace is 14% and the Strategic Programme 2010-2020, considers that by 2020, Mexico will be the tenth and it will export 12.3 mmdd.

Mexico is the gateway to the world’s most important market; a leading exporter of advanced high-tech manufacturing; an important pole of attraction for investment; the seventh most attractive place to invest (World Investment Report 2013, UN Conference on Trade and Development, UNCTAD) ; ninth in the 25 most attractive countries for investors in the world (FDI Confidence Index 2013, A. T. Kearney consultant); It offers modern infrastructure, world-class and competitive costs in North America; finally, it has a young, talented and skilled population.



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