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April 24 to 27, 2019
Faltán exactamente para la reunión
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I give the warmest welcome to the “Aerospace Fair Mexico 2019” (FAMEX 2019), thanking you in advance for your participation in this great event of aeronautics, for the third time that has been done in Mexico. The General Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda, Secretary of National Defense has issued instructions to the FAMEX 2019, to develop a sense of commitment to the institutional goal, Mexico Prospero, contributing to the development of production processes, opening new markets, and interaction in the global economy.

The Mexican Air Force as a member of the Armed Forces, provide infrastructure, experience and knowledge, organizational skills and call for the FAMEX 2019. FAMEX 2019 is a commercial activity in the field of civil and military, aerospace, aeronautics, defense and security as well as in education, which will be held from April 24th to 27th 2019, in the Base Aérea Militar No. 1, in Santa Lucía, Zumpango, Mexico. Base Aérea Militar No. 1 has a platform of aeronautical services approximately 169 thousand square meters, which allows to receive large aircraft for display and demonstration in flight; in addition, it has five pavilions that will have islands and stands to display items and services of the participating companies.

In FAMEX 2019, our exhibitors will find the opportunity to showcase new technologies, new relationships with customers, make product launches and service sector, this why you can show your brand among government officials, businessmen and military of high-level national and international; encouraging business opportunities. Also, spaces will be created to promote the training of personnel working in aeronautics and space, through the provision of academic conferences and Aeronautics Education Forum, among other activities. I reiterate my thanks for your attendance and participation in this great event.



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